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Our Story

The year was 2006, the grade was 7th,

...and the first meeting had begun. Of the Honorable chosen to serve the Nation under this Society of Juniors, two would meet on different terms. But not yet. In each other's company, stories filled the ears of children, pizza was eaten in earnest, and Bingo was played with the elderly. But like two linear equations whose slopes were equivalent, they walked parallel paths that never crossed.


The sun continued to rise and fall, tides came and went, and the leaves stayed the same because this is Hawai'i. In this time of their lives, living without the knowledge of how important they would be to each other one day, they continued onward, toward adulthood.


The first spark. Unexpected, but welcome. When the days were shorter, and it rained slightly more than usual, a gathering of friends would create an intersect in their lives. What began as a late lunch to reminisce of days past and catch up on things current, transformed into a dinner and a movie because they had accidentally eaten earlier before they were supposed to meet up and were too full for lunch so they pushed their plans till later.


As they took in the adventures of a Hobbit, and enjoyed food that was not spaghetti from a factory that made spaghetti, he realized that this was something he wanted to hold on to. And he hoped she felt the same way. More adventures followed and their hearts grew warmer. But it would not last. She returned to the land of steaks and living 3787 miles apart caused their paths to diverge.


Eventually, she returned. But he did not pursue her. He had the want, but felt that she did not share his feelings anymore. Unbeknownst to him, she felt the same way. So they stupidly walked their days thinking that it was over between them.


Until one day, their paths converged once again. He was to drop her off home one day after a friend's party. But instead he chose to spend time with her. The best decision he ever made. The spark reappeared and he decided that it was now or never. Turns out, she felt the same way. And thus began the start of something new. It felt so right, to be there with her. And it still feels so right now.


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